An all-in-one platform for all the last-mile delivery issues!

All your delivery issues in one place cross carrier. Below you find the delivery issues, Lox take care off. We will identify, claim and resolve delivery issues with your respective carrier. You can track everything on this platform across all your carriers.

Lost Shipments

Your parcel never arrived to your customer? Let Lox take care of the issue.
Always claimed on-time at the respective carrier
With the right documents
Follow-up and close investigations whenever it gets delivered
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Late Shipments

Premium service levels not meeting SLA? Lox makes sure you get your refund for it
Check on first-attempt whether delivered on-time.
Claimed automatically and on-time.
Follow through till claim resolution.
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damaged Shipments

Make sure you get compensated when your packages and product get deteriorated.
Claimed without any hassle at any carrier.
Extra issues found by analysing the track-and-trace.
Claimed in the right process at the carrier.
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