The platform to
manage delivery issues,
you've been waiting for.
A platform that aims to simplify the delivery issues, saving you time and money. Use automation to be in control of the delivery issues across all your carriers.

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Delivery Issue
Daily checks on all your shipments to validate whether new possible issues have occured. With smart settings, Lox is able to identify issues so that you do not have to.
One Platform for all Your Carriers
Everything from registering an delivery issue to settling a claim, can be done at Lox across all your carriers.
Say goodbye to all the individual excel files per carrier.
Reduce Time by 95% on Delivery Issues
Lox automatically initiates and diligently follows up with carriers, significantly cutting down the time you spend managing ongoing investigations. You're only called to action when a human touch is needed.
Increase & Track €€€
Experience a remarkable increase in successfully credited claims, often translating to a 5-10% savings on carrier spend.
One API, Zero Hassle
Unlock the power of automation with a single API integration. 
Say goodbye to manual uploads and disjointed processes. 

Lox seamlessly uploads invoices, photos, and other vital documents at the right moment, ensuring everything is in its right place for each carrier.
How it works

Lox helps brands focus on what they do best


countries across the globe

68 M 

Packages analysed each year

€10+ M

Total savings achieved each year

They love solving delivery issues with Lox

“Lox is a magic wand that helps you remove the thorns from your feet on all transport subjects and in particular on the invoicing and transport claim part.”
Head of Customer, Cheerz
“Lox is a good tool to complete complaints filled by our customer service. The tool allows us to increase the number of packages on which we make complaints (delays, losses, etc.). In addition, the team is always very responsive!”
Tom Requillart
Head of Customer Experience, Hardloop
What I particularly like about Lox is the efficiency of the solution and the savings we achieve.
Guilhem Reynaud
Project Manager, Adesa
By taking care of our refund process, Lox allowed us to save thousands of euros on our shipping costs! Moreover, thanks to their data analysis platform we have a clear follow-up of our logistic expenses and how to reduce our costs."
Pierre Vix
Project Manager, Japhy
The return on non-investment is substantial and immediate!
Eric Villlemair
CEO, Icones